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About Us

This is a picture of a towing services.

It has been an honor to serve the Greensboro community with expert towing, recovery and roadside assistance for over twenty years.  There’s something special about knowing that your neighbor’s needs have been safely and securely taken care of.  We offer compassionate towing.  Our tow operators and dispatchers sleep easy at night knowing that they have done their best and handled each situation with care.  Your safety is our primary concern.

Our dispatchers will stay on the line with you until help arrives.  For us, towing is more than a transactional experience.  We believe in ethical profitability.  This means that we won’t take advantage of you when you are most vulnerable.  Price gouging, particularly during the wee hours of the morning and night is commonplace in this business.  It is a disgusting practice that we highly disdain.  You can count on our prices being consistent across the board.  We don’t charge more for emergency or after hour services.

There are eleven tow trucks within our fleet.  We are proud to say that they are top of the line and completely capable of handling all your towing and recovery needs.

We possess three light duty flatbeds, four medium duty flatbeds, two heavy-duty flatbeds, one heavy-duty roll back and one heavy-duty rotator tow truck.  Between all of these technologically advanced tow trucks, we can satisfy any towing need that you may have.  For each truck, we have an operator with at least three years in the field.  Feel confident knowing that you have Greensboro Towing Service on your side.

Greensboro, NC