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Auto Towing

This is a picture of an auto towing.

When you need a tow it’s never a good thing.  There’s never a right time for a tow truck.  Let’s face it, when your car won’t start or you get a flat tire it’s inconvenient and extremely frustrating.

We believe in viewing the glass half full versus half empty.  Things could be worse.  When your car breaks down, it’s usually a sign of a more pressing issue.  You could be careening down a steep hill at 95mph with a river on your right and a deep ravine on your left, when your car decides to give out on you.  Nevertheless, when you need a tow, you can count on Greensboro Towing Company.

Private Auto Towing

Modern cars are intelligently designed.  They will give you signs that something is wrong before they completely malfunction.  An indicator light will flash.  It may take longer to turn over.  You may hear weird hissing or grinding noises. Sometimes it will start to smoke.  Being stubborn human beings, we don’t always pay attention to these signs.

Inevitably, your car will reach its capacity and completely shut down.  That’s what it’s designed to do.  The indicator light is designed to warn you in enough time to seek repair before a complete failure occurs.  When you have a stubborn moment, contact us right away for a courteous and prompt tow.

Corporate and Municipal Towing

We welcome the opportunity to be included in your list of your trusted towing companies.  Greensboro Towing Company is versed in car membership towing, municipal towing and corporate account towing.  On demand towing is a wonderful service to provide for your auto club members.  Our tow operators are professional, well groomed and prompt. When residents contact the city to tow junk, abandoned or trespassed vehicles, we arrive on the double and possess an impound facility where we will store such vehicles securely.

Owning a transportation company is more complicated than it seems.  When one of your vehicles breaks down it can reflect poorly on your brand.  We invite you to draft a towing agreement to ensure that these minor hiccups do not disrupt your business.

Affordable Auto Towing

Our towing services are priced below market value.  Conduct a quick scan of the going rates in the area and you will soon discover that no one can beat our prices.  In addition to offering the best value, we will tow your vehicle with state of the art tow trucks.

We have invested heavily in equipment that can tow and recover vehicles without further damage.  Although our prices are low, we don’t cut corners.  You can always expect courteous, clean and efficient tow operators.  Safety for you, your vehicle and our staff is our primary concern.

ETA And Auto Tow Radius

There are few things more frustrating than waiting for a service provider who never shows.  We realize that there are lives at stake.  Even with the most minor incidents, we know that there are people counting on you.  They’re relying on you to be on time, for transportation and to contribute as a colleague or parent.  This is why our ETAs are accurate.  We will never leave you stranded.  If we are unable to reach you in less than forty-five minutes, we will give you the opportunity to contact another wrecker company.

We proudly service Greensboro, NC.  Upon special request, our tow operators will extend their services to Guildford County and the Piedmont triad metropolitan area.


Greensboro, NC