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This is a picture of a woman looking for a towing services.

When life catches you off guard, contact Greensboro Towing Service.  If circumstances come at you with an illegal blow to the head, you come right back at it with a swift left hook that no one will ever see coming.  We can help you get your life back on track in less than forty-five minutes.  There aren’t many services that can promise to do that and deliver – but we can.  We provide private and commercial towing services.  Contact us for complex heavy-duty recovery jobs.

We have the equipment and experience to get the job done swiftly and most importantly safely.  Your machinery and vehicles are secure with us.  There are many wrecker companies that have experienced tragic deaths while administering much needed services.  We are proud to say that in twenty years we haven’t lost one tow operator.  This means that your legal liability is extremely limited.

Greensboro Towing Service is licensed, bonded and insured within the state of North Carolina.  We always follow best practices in an effort to limit injury and further damage to your vehicle.  Our team is versed in Greensboro municipal laws so that you never have to worry about the backlash from the owner of an unauthorized towed vehicle.  Contact us via phone or email when you are ready to establish a towing agreement for your commercial fleet or private parking lot.

Our tow operators are professional, uniformed, courteous and proficient.  Tow vehicles are immaculate in appearance and easily identifiable by our logo.

Greensboro, NC