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Emergency Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

Are you an A-type personality?  Do you dot all of you I’s and cross all of your T’s?  When things go awry are you really hard on yourself?  If you’re one of these people, we know how you can internalize events that are out of your control.

Sometimes, things happen that we cannot predict.  A sharp nail in the middle of the road; a defective battery; malfunctioning fuel gauges or a car careening down the wrong side of the highway.  When you find yourself in an emergency situation, assess your safety, then contact Greensboro Towing Service right away.

Blow Outs & Flat Tires

There is never a good time to experience a flat tire.  They are frustrating and prevent us from getting to our desired destination on time.  When you experience a flat, contact us right away.  A tow operator will arrive within twenty minutes to swap out the spare or tow you to your desired location.  You don’t have to worry about our tow operators fumbling to change your tire.  They are veterans and will have you back on the road in less than five minutes flat.  We are happy to provide roadside assistance to members of your auto club.

We service Greensboro and Guilford County.  Our tow operators are easily identifiable by their crisp, clean uniforms and sparkling tow trucks emblazoned with our logo.

Fast & Reliable Jumpstarts

There was a time when every car was complete with jumper cables.  When car batteries were in their infantile stages, it was a necessary accessory.  These days, batteries rarely fail due to technological advancements.  Yet there are moments when battery failure does occur.

There are many causes of battery failure.  The most common is leaving the interior or exterior lights on for an extended period of time.  In essence, batteries must be fully charged to function at optimal levels.  If you have a short commute or don’t drive often, chances are that your battery is never fully charged.  Should you suffer a battery malfunction or failure, contact Greensboro Towing Service for a prompt and safe jumpstart.

Vehicle Lockout Service

You could just kick yourself for locking the keys in your car.  Now you have to make the embarrassing call and wait for roadside assistance.  This small incident can throw your entire day out of order.  It’s like a domino effect.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  This is one of life’s little lessons.  Life is trying to tell you to slow down and not take yourself so seriously.

We’ve never seen a lock that we couldn’t pick.  Fortunately, we use our super powers for good and not evil.  Out tow operators are versed in releasing vintage locks on older vehicles and sophisticated locks powered by electronic signals.

Fast Fuel Delivery

In the world of roadside assistance, there are two types of people.  There are those A-type personalities that are prepared for anything.  They have their name sewn into their underwear, they have insurance for any darn thing you can think of, a first aid kit in the car along with a flashlight with extra batteries.  Then there are those who live life by the seat of their pants.  They never plan for anything and although they are the life of the party, these free spirited folks cannot be expected to keep a full tank of gas.

Not to worry because we offer fast fuel delivery for anyone who’s last thought is the fuel and fluid levels in their car.

Greensboro, NC