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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing rotator service.

There are moments when you have to call in the big dogs.  Light and medium duty tow trucks just won’t do.  There may be a time when you need a large rotator tow truck to rescue you from a precarious situation.  When you find yourself in a bind and the only thing that will do the trick is a heavy-duty tow truck, contact Greensboro Towing Service immediately.

We possess a sizable fleet of heavy-duty trucks to meet your needs.  With three heavy-duty tow vehicles in operation, you can rely on us.  Within our fleet there are two heavy-duty flatbeds, one heavy-duty roll back and one heavy-duty rotator.

Heavy Duty Towing Defined

Light duty tow trucks are equipped to tow motorcycles, scooters and jet skis.  Medium duty tow trucks can tow diesel pickup trucks, small buses, campers and other medium duty trucks.  When you’ve got an 18-wheeler, RV, tractor-trailer or semi truck in need of a tow, you can rest assured that Greensboro Towing Service has the equipment and skilled labor necessary to do the job.

We also perform heavy-duty recovery services.  Our team is versed in HAZMAT and semi truck accident towing and cleanups.  Don’t worry about the how.  Let us figure out the dirty details.  For a complete listing of our full towing capacity, contact us today.

Rotator Service Defined

If you’re not in the tow industry, chances are that you’ve never heard of a rotator tow service.  Let us break it down for you.

A rotator tow truck is a heavy-duty tow vehicle that has a crane attached.  This crane can rotate at 360 degrees, hence the name rotator.  This machinery is ideal with rescuing heavy-duty vehicles.  It’s like a winch out service on steroids.  If someone is trapped underneath a vehicle, a heavy-duty rotator truck is vital.  When a heavy-duty vehicle is stuck in a ditch, ravine or body of water, a rotator service is key.

The Benefits of Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

You don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.  Towing machinery is designed for various capacities.  Each truck has specifications for unique purposes.  To do the job safely and swiftly, using the right equipment is key.  There are many cases in which the only vehicle that can do the job is a heavy-duty rotator.  To be without one is dangerous and time consuming.

When a vehicle is stuck on a steep cliff, a rotating wrecker is vital.  If a vehicle is incapacitated on a one-lane road, to prevent blocking traffic completely, a heavy-duty rotator truck is fundamental.

Budget Conscious Towing

Greensboro Towing Service is a company that thoroughly believes in ethical profitability.  We don’t price gouge our customers.  Our competitors will stick it to you when they know you are in a tight situation.  It’s a common practice that has a negative effect on the entire industry.  Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with all of our clients.  We can’t do that if you don’t trust us.

Our towing services are priced with your budget in mind.  We make it feasible to access superior towing services at below market prices.  To take maximum advantage of our prices, we invite you to draft a towing agreement for consistent and prompt towing and recovery services.

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