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Private Property Towing

This is a picture of a private property towing.

Your driveway was made for your convenience.  The parking lot was designed for the accessibility of your customers and employees.  No one other than your tenants and their guests should be taking up space in your apartment parking lot.  There are always those people who will push the limits.  If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.  Private parking is specifically reserved for those authorized to use it.  Fortunately, you have Greensboro Towing Service in your back pocket.

Contact us when someone decides to push the boundaries.  We will have all unwanted vehicles removed within minutes.

Private Property Towing Defined

Private property is essentially any space that is not owned by the government.  Homes, retail spaces, amusement parks, stadiums, arenas and multi-family residences qualify as private property.  If you wake up to an unknown vehicle blocking your driveway, you are authorized to have it towed.

If a car is parked in a resident’s parking space, guest parking space or non-designated location within your apartment parking lot, you can have it towed.  When someone decides to park in a lot that is reserved for your customers while they run errands elsewhere, you have the right to have the unauthorized vehicle towed.

Requirements for Private Property Towing

We know how annoying it is to have to deal with people who clearly and consistently disobey the rules.  They are known as habitual line steppers.  They will undoubtedly push the limits until you tell them to stop.  Unless the unwanted vehicle is parked at a residence, the municipal government requires clear signage, a written contract with the owner and authorization before we can tow unauthorized vehicles from your property.

Once that has been established, we will tow the unwanted vehicle within minutes.  It is then transported to our private storage facility where it is kept until proper documentation and payment is presented for release.

Secured Storage Facility

When you contract Greensboro Towing Service for all your private towing needs we will provide you with clear signage indicating where the habitual line steppers can retrieve their vehicles.  It will include our company name and contact information.  In this way, your legal liabilities are satisfied and burden removed.

You won’t have to worry about anyone venturing into your leasing or security office inquiring about their vehicle’s whereabouts.  All towed vehicles will be safely transported on a flatbed tow truck to our secured storage facility.  It is temperature controlled and has CCTV installed for security purposes.  Vehicles are not released until the appropriate documentation is presented complete with payment.

Fast ETAs

As soon as you call, our team is there on the double.  A dispatcher will answer the call by the second ring.  She will then contact the tow operator in closest proximity.  The ETA is usually within twenty minutes.  Unless there are unique circumstances, the unwanted vehicle will be removed in less than five minutes.

You don’t want to be known as the place where unauthorized vehicles can access free parking.  Word will spread like wild fire.  We hate to be Debbie-downers but you gotta teach people a lesson.  Once folks know not to park in your lot, they won’t even try it– simple as that.

Greensboro, NC